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                        How Much Udyam Registration Fees

In this article we have explained the fees for Udyam Registration for the micro small and medium enterprises.

Read further to know what are the charges of Udyam Registration?

The key question in every applicant's mind is what is the charges of Udyam registration? So as we are private consultants we charge the amount of Rs 2700 for our services related to Udyam registration and certification.

Why do we charge Udyam Registration Consultancy Fee?

  • By charging a consultation fee we diminish the financial impact of expending time considering a prospective client's case.

  • We generate and deliver udyam certificates to clients within 24 hours.

  • We select the correct NIC code according to the business requirement.

  • Every hour during the day is spent researching the best way to help our clients reach their agendas.

  • We do not make a mistake in making your certificate whether it is basic details or nic code or investment and turnover related to your business.


About a consultation fee?

  • When analyzing the fees for consultations you may find some are recommended for free or at a low rate. From these you may appear like attractive offers but you have all heard the words saying “you get what you pay for” right? Well this theory is just as true with consultations.So you should expect it when you pay for consultancy.

  • Consultation should be communicative and if you feel comfortable with the advocate and the conversation, you choose whether or not to retain that advocate. However, after a good consultation, you should observe that your questions have been answered to you.


Benefits of MSME Registration

There are many benefits of Udyam Registration as mentioned below :

  1. Udyam certificate helps in getting government tenders
  2. For automatic machinery a 15% import subsidy is provided Under bank loan.
  3. BY getting msme Udyam Registration Certificate its Becomes easy to get licenses, approvals in irrespective field of business.
  4. Compensation of ISO certificate expenditure
  5. Helps in getting low interest rates
  6. Under ministry of MSMEs registration you should gets assessment on subsidies and various tax and capital subsidies
  7. Gets exemption under Direct Tax Laws

New Process for MSME Udyam Registration Online

Below mentioned are the steps to follow for the MSME Udyam Registration Process:

Step 1: Fill in Udyam Registration form online with all required details by visiting the website

Step 2: After submitting the application form along with documents, the applicant shall receive an order id number.

Step 3: Next step is to pay the registration fee online.

Step 4: After payment is successful, One of the registration executives will process your Udyam registration process application

Step 5: MSME registration certificate will be delivered by an email to the applicant's registered email address within 1-2 hours.

NOTE:-When you receive an OTP you need to share it with the representative.

The process for ministry of MSME Udyam Registration is quick and simple for businesses to get registered as MSMEs under the Ministry of MSME.

Documents required for MSME Udyam Registration Online

  1. Aadhar number is required for registration in Udyam Registration.
  2. Applicant’s mobile number must be registered with his or her Aadhar card.
  3. If there is a limited liability partnership or cooperative society, then the organization will have to give its GSTIN, PAN and Bank details.

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If you have any doubts while registering you must consult our representative, just by filling our MSME Udyam application form. Do check and follow our Facebook page for the latest MSME news and updates.