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How To Register Your MSME/SSI Online In India

What are the pillars of economic growth in a developing country like India? The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector, rightly termed as the “engine of growth for India” is one of the major business units that play a salient role in the development of the country. The Government of India, through various subsidies, incentives, schemes, and most importantly the MSME, Act supports and promotes the MSME sector which is a primary contributor to industrial, manufacturing, and employment units of India.

To avail of the privileges under the MSMED Act from the Government, getting an MSME registration or Udyog Aadhaar is important, which is an online process. This guide will broadly touch on the procedure and the Benefits of MSME registration for trade and entrepreneurial development.

Why MMSE Registration Is Important

The micro, small, and medium enterprise sector contributes largely to the total industrial employment of India. About 50% of India’s total exports and 95% of all industrial units are bestowed by the MSME sector. The growth of these industries leads to the economic growth of our country and hence MMSE is regarded as the backbone of the Indian economy. However, not all businesses fall under the category of MSME. To qualify as an MSME enterprise, it should hit the revenue criterion set by the government.

MSME's are categorized into two enterprises

  1. Manufacturing enterprises

  2. Service enterprises

They are defined according to the MSMED Act, also known as the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Development Act of 2006 in terms of investment in plant and machinery.

  • In the MSME manufacturing sector:

  • According to the Act, if the investment is up to 25 lakhs, it is identified as a micro-enterprise. If the investment is between Rs. 25 lakh and 5 crores, it is a small enterprise, and if it is between 5 crores and 10 crores, then it is a medium enterprise.

  • In the service sector:
  • According to the Act, micro-enterprises are those with an investment of less than Rs. 10 lakh. In the case of small enterprises, the investment is between 10 lakhs and 2 crores, and for medium enterprises, it is between 2 crores and 5 crores.

    Although India is facing a lot of problems in infrastructure and market relations, this sector witnessed tremendous growth and survived most of the threats from both domestic and international markets. MSME Registration renders monetary as well as non-monetary advantages associated with trade and entrepreneurial development.

    How To Register Your MSME Online

    You can register in MSME by simply visiting MSME Registration Website and filling out the application form. Our secure online portal helps you in the MSME registration process. We provide all sorts of consultancy services to people who are not familiar with the online procedures. And yes, you can register offline too.

    The documents required for the online MSME registration are

  • Aadhar number
  • Industry name and address of the business
  • Pan number
  • Bank account details
  • Investment details
  • Bill copies (sales and purchase)
  • Copies of licenses

  • The documents should be self-certified. There is no limit to registering for new or existing businesses. If you want to register in more than one industry, individual registration is possible on

    Follow the below steps to register online at are

  • Fill the online form with relevant details
  • Use your e-Aadhar OTP for verification
  • Once you upload the form and documents, you would be getting your registration number
  • Once the application is approved, your business gets registered and the documents shall be sent to you
  • Within 1-2 working days, the valid MSME certificate will be issued which is for both manufacturing and service sector

  • There is a small MSME registration fee for the procedures. To apply for loans from banks, you can register temporarily and once you set out you can apply for a permanent license.

    Benefits of MSME registration

    MSME registration online is neither mandatory nor statutory. But, if you choose to register, it will help you greatly with the improvement and development of your business. The state and the central governments have conceptualized MSME to offer the best possible benefits to all types of enterprises. Any enterprise with an MSME-registered certificate becomes qualified to enjoy the benefits from various government departments and government-initiated schemes that are provided under the MSMED Act.

    Following are some of the benefits of getting an MSME registration:

    1. Easy accessibility of bank loans at lower rates of interest

    2. To start their industry, many business owners find it very hard to secure a loan because of the absence of collateral security. An MSME registration helps you pass this. Due to the registration, banks are specifically instructed to provide loans at cheaper interest rates than usual even for regular loans. With your MSME certificate, you can reach several banking institutions for your financial needs.

    3. Priority lending

    4. Depending on long-term or short-term financing, the requirement for loans from banks may vary for different businesses. Under the directions issued by the Reserve Bank of India, banks provide certain earmarked funds that have to compulsorily be given to MSME businesses. An MSME Certificate lets you avail of this loan without any hassles.

    5. Reservation policy

    6. The central as well state governments have given exclusive rights to the MSME sector to manufacture certain products so that the enterprises are not affected by the tough competition in the market. The central government, under the Government Store Purchase Program, has held the acquisition of more than 300 products solely from this area.

    7. Market assistance from the government

    8. Being categorized as an MSME enterprise gives you access to international platforms like exchange programs, trade-related events, exhibitions, craft fairs, etc. organized by the government and helps you nurture new business connections. The government further provides technical and tax support in the export of goods and services to MSME sectors.

      For any developing or developed country, MSMEs are given every possible aid to help them sustain despite the economic conditions. If you want to enjoy the government schemes and benefits, you should register under MSME. Operate the enterprise efficiently, systematically maintain financial backing and let the world praise your success.

      For more queries related to MSME - Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, then feel free to get in touch with us just by filling up the form and our executive will call your through MSME helpline number.

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