PM Modi Announced Rs 3 Lakh Crores Packages for Businessmen in MSME Sector

PM Modi Announced Rs 3 Lakh Crores Packages for Businessmen in MSME Sector

The micro, small and medium enterprises are the lifeblood of any country's economy. These are the types of business that form the base of the country's economy. A business of this type flows from the lower sections of the society to the higher ones. Most of the country is dependent on business persons who deal with micro, small and medium enterprises. It is essential to acknowledge the role of MSMEs in a country's economy. The crisis which is faced by MSMEs during the times of lockdown cannot be what is resolved by anyone other than the government. The government institutions are greatly responsible in order to bring out the micro, small and medium enterprises from their dire state of the economy.

Now, the entire sector of micro, small and medium enterprises is suffering from a serious setdown in the economy while the lockdown period is extending. The MSMEs had no chance to prepare themselves for such a condition and thus, everyone associated with a business of this type is greatly dependent on the national storage to help them out. This sector cannot be ignored by the government at any cost. In a country like India, next to farmers, the greatest sector forward is the micro, small and medium enterprises. Being the second largest industry in the subcontinent, it is essential that they are supported by the government with a businessmen package for the MSME sector in order to survive during times of pandemic.

Recent Steps Taken To Save MSMEs

Mr. Nitin Gadkari, the minister for the micro, small and medium enterprises sector, has stated in the press conferences that the government is spending quite a lot of time determining what should be the proper packages to be presented to the owners of this sector. It has been under the observation of government officials that the MSME sector has been suffering the most during the lockdown period.

A simple evaluation can be done even by the layman regarding the present condition. With the lockdown prevailing all over the world, the MSME sectors cannot open up for business. Most of the government sectors are not expected to suffer such a setback as the MSME sector. The sustenance of this kind of industry belongs to the best interest of the country. Series of cabinet meetings are always organized in order to introduce new packages for the MSME sector. There are representatives of the government along with the ministry of MSMEs in these meetings so that a proper plan can be chalked out for the benefit of the MSME sector.

Gadkari's Assurance

The minister for the MSME sector has assured business people all over the country that the government is considering their needs in a very precise manner. There are meetings that are being organized with chief stakeholders and shareholders of companies and the final decision will be declared as soon as the government is able to reach a particular decision.

Gadkari has been quite reassuring in his statements that the people who are associated with the micro, small and medium enterprises will not be suffering major losses due to the lockdown. His assurance speaks volumes about the steps of the government for stakeholders who have built the economy of India.

The government cannot afford to be negligent about the MSME sector. As a result, they must be able to declare a package for the MSME sector which will prove to be useful for stakeholders of this sector. Funds must be liquidated immediately in order to help this particular segment of people who have spent their blood and sweat in order to establish a proper economic system.

Announced INR 3 Lakh Crores Package For MSME Sector

Nitish Gadkari has stated that the government is planning to announce a special package for the MSME sector. He has also said that the prime minister has especially focused on the need for introducing new strategies and reform words related to the infrastructure of micro, small and medium enterprises. The reeling state of the country's economy can be defined only if packages are allotted for the MSME sector. On the 50th Day of lockdown, PM announced a package for the MSME sector and that too of INR 3 Lakh crores to help MSMEs survive during this phase.

The minister has also stated that the government will introduce a 3-fold system of Treatment, Transparency, and Time-Bound Decisions which in turn will lead to a corruption-free system in the business. Different packages of concession are already available for the micro, small and medium enterprises sector. Major concessions must be approved now, in order to help the business people associated with the sector.

Liquidation of the country's funds at present is very important in order to sustain the economy. The government had no other option and offered a package for the MSME sector that can rejuvenate the financial needs of the nation. MSMEs expect that the government will propose ideas that will help stakeholders of this sector not only at present but also in the long run.

Meetings were being organized at regular intervals to decide on the packages which can be offered to micro, small and medium enterprises. Micro, small and medium enterprises should not be ignored even after the pandemic is over. The package for the MSME sector which is being announced must be continued on a regular basis in order to sustain economic strategies.

Afterwords of The Announcement OF This package for MSME sector

It can be evaluated that the government has the best interest of the MSME business people at their heart. They proposed a package for the MSME sector which will now be greatly helpful to the economy of the sector as a whole. The ministry also has proposed a type of relief package which will be utilized for the benefit of the MSME sector. The micro, small and medium enterprises can work wonders even with a very low amount of capital. The implemented package for the MSME sector focuses on retaining the sector for a longer period. The second stimulus package seems to be the best option for micro, small and medium enterprises at present. Organizations related to the sector can fight COVID-19 with the help of this announced package for the MSME sector.

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