Re-register Under Udyam

Re-register Under Udyam

A new way of identifying , classifying and registering MSMEs was declared by the Union Ministry of Micro , Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME). It is called 'Udyam Registration'. The word came out on 26 June 2020 and eventually placed into action on 1 July 2020.

Udyam Registration is a form of government registration that is issued with a certificate of recognition and a unique number for the certification of MSMEs, and hence a registered company would be named Udyam. Any entrepreneur who wants to register can file for Udyam Registration online through the Udyam Registration Portal. After registration, a permanent identification number and e-certificate, known as 'Udyam' will be assigned.

Classification Of Enterprises After Re-registering Under Udyam

If an entrepreneur wants to start a micro, small or medium-sized enterprises Udyam Registration can be filed online in the Udyam Registration portal on the basis of self-declaration, with no requirement to submit records, papers, certificates or proofs.

Upon registration, a company also referred to as Udyam Registration will be allocated to start a new Udyam Company with a permanent unique identity. Once the registration process is complete an e-certificate will be issued by the name of the Udyam Registration Certificate

Benefits Of Re-registering Under Udyam

The Government of India has announced various benefits to avail the benefits after registering under Udyam

Process Of Re-register Under Udyam

For those who have already registered their MSME into Udyog Aadhaar need to re-register their business under Udyam. You can re-register your business into Udyam by following these simple and easy steps :-

Documents Required For Re-registering Under Udyam

For Existing Enterprises

An enterprise with Udyam Registration Number shall update its information online on the Udyam Registration site, including the details of the previous financial year's ITR and GST Return, and any other additional information that may be needed, on the basis of self-declaration.

Failure to update relevant information within the time limit provided by the Government in the Udyam Online Registration Portal the organization will be liable for suspension of its status according to the notification announced by the Ministry of MSME on 26th June, 2020.

Apply for Udyam Re-registration Today!

The process of re-register into Udyam is very simple,cost-free, and uncomplicated as it only requires a single document known as Aadhaar Number due to which entrepreneurs can register easily and quickly.

However, it is important that you carefully fill in the Udyam online form and avoid any errors. To avoid any errors in the registration process you can visit to register your company with Udyam, a professional team will take care of your online registration process at fair rates.

An enquiry form is hosted on the website through which you can contact our executives for any help related to re-register into Udyam. If you need any assistance you can email your contact details and our experts will call you back.

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