What is MSME? What is Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise?

What is MSME? What is Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise?

As per the Indian Government, the definition of MSME - Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises, according to the provision of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006 the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) are classified in two Enterprises:

  1. Manufacturing Enterprises
  2. Service Enterprises

Manufacturing Enterprises

- The enterprises associated with manufacturing, processing, producing, on preserving the goods specified as-

Service Enterprises

- The enterprises engaged in serving and providing the services and investment is equipped with various factors which are specified as-

Manufacturing Sector

Enterprises Investment in Plant & Machinery
Micro Enterprises Does not exceed twenty five lakh rupees
Small Enterprises More than twenty five lakh rupees but does not exceed five crore rupees
Medium Enterprises More than five crore rupees but does not exceed ten crore rupees

Service Sector

Enterprises Investment in Equipment
Micro Enterprises Does not exceed ten lakh rupees
Small Enterprises More than ten lakh rupees but does not exceed two crore rupees
Medium Enterprises More than two crore rupees but does not exceed five crore rupees

The sector also contributes more than 40% of the total industrial employment in India and 50% in the exports. It also contributes to more than 90% in all the industrial units in India and manufactures 6000 different types of products. When the industries in MSME grow then it also accelerates the economy of the country as a whole. Functionally, these industries are known by the name of ‘small scale industries’.

Classification of MSME - Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise

Over the last few years, MSME has emerged as a highly functional and vibrant sector in the Indian economy. This has also secured the economy of the country from its recession in the year 2008 and it is still contributing to be the backbone of the Indian economy. The MSMEs are classified as-

Manufacturing Enterprises- The businesses or enterprises associated with the production of manufacturing of goods as per the Act or the employing machinery or plant in the process of their value addition for the final product have a distinct name, utility or character for the usage.

Service Enterprises- The enterprises for businesses engaged in rendering the services and they are defined in terms of the equipment of investment. In the year 2018, with the help of the union cabinet led by the then Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi considered the change in MSME definition.

Now MSMEs are defined depending upon the annual turnover rather than the investment in their ‘investment and manufacturing plant’.

Advantages of MSMEs

Under the MSME Act, registration is done for the company involved with manufacturing and service lines. The benefit of this registration is that it provides various advantages in terms of setting the business, tax relaxation, credit facilities, and business loans.

1. Due to the registration, bank loans get cheaper along with low interest which is around 1 or 1.5%. This is comparatively lower than the regular loans provided by banks or other firms.
2. Multiple tax rebates are also provided to MSMEs.
3. The credit is allowed for the minimum alternate tax which has to be carried for upto 15 years rather than 10 years.
4. There are lots of government tenders limited to be open for MSME industries only.
5. MSME gets extremely easy access to the credit.
6. Once the registration is done or gets a patent, plenty of rebates and concessions are provided to assistance during the setting of the enterprise.
7. Businesses register address platforms are given the highest priority to get government licenses and various certificates.
8. MSME also provided a one-time settlement amount for all the non-paid fees.

List of Documents Required for MSME Registration

The registration has to be submitted along with many documents including the identity proof, multiple copies of selling and purchasing bill, license and no dues from the regulatory bodies. Let us have a brief on each one of them.

1. Business address proof- If the area is self-owned then include one has to submit an allotment letter, lease deed possession letter or tax receipt.
2. Copies of sale bill and purchase bill- It is essential to submit a sales bill copy related to the product and for every raw material to provide the purchase bill.
3. Partnership deed- If the business is partnership form then submit the partnership deed.
4. Copy of license, bills of purchased machinery- It is required to summit industrial license and bills of machinery purchased for the enterprise.
5. Adhaar Card and Pan Card for Government Verification and Identification process.

MSMEs launched by the Indian Government

The MSMEs became functional on 2nd October 2006 and its foundation was laid to promote, develop and facilitate the competitiveness of micro, small and medium enterprises. The government also includes facilities like-

1. Udyog Aadhaar memorandum
2. Quality management standards and quality technology tools
3. Incubation
4. Zero defect zero effect
5. Grievance monitoring system
6. Women entrepreneurship

Contribution of MSME in the Indian Economy

Defined in terms of the investment size, MSME refers to the small entities. They are highly significant and their contribution is as-

Easy Instant MSME Registration Process

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Step4: One of the registration executives will process your MSME application
Step5: In 1-2 working days you will receive your Udyog Aadhaar/ MSME certificate in your registered e-mail address

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